ILO/IMO guidelines

“One of the main objectives of IMHA is to stimulate harmonization of international standards on medical examinations of workers at sea. A few weeks after the foundation of IMHA in 1997, the complete new board of directors participated in a joint ILO/IMO meeting in Geneva on Guidelines for the medical examinations of seafarers. This document was an important step but not complete yet, in 2011 a revision was produced with Prof. Dr. Tim Carter holding the pen in the name of IMHA. The Guidelines stand until today and are more and more the basis for national regulations all over the world. Further improvement and adaptation of these guidelines and expanding their impact to fishing vessel personnel, offshore work, and inland shipping are steps that IMHA promotes and actively participates in”.

Guidelines on the medical examinations of seafarers (

Directives relatives aux examens médicaux des gens de mer (

Directrices para la realización de los reconocimientos médicos de la gente de mar (