How to Join

As an IMHA member, you will be able to share in the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to communicate with colleagues about maritime medicine issues or profit by IMHA relations with international institutions like IMO, ILO, WHO, IOM, ITF and ICSW.  
  • Discounted registration fees for the biennial International Symposium Maritime Health (ISMH).
  • Subscription to the quarterley IMHA Newsletter
  • Participation in major international projects where IMHA is partner.
  • With its comprehensive website, IMHA can give you tools to improve your communication in research and share this common data base of references, institutions, documents, and teaching materials with others.
  • Receipt of updates on important news in maritime health competencies: international laws and regulations, international projects, continuing education, prevention and occupational health, medical fitness examinations, medical care on board, telemedicine, harbour, travel, underwater, cruise, naval medicine and outbreak information.
  • Access to IMHA publications, workshop reports, research and other IMHA-instigated maritime health-related materials.
  • Attendance to symposia, seminars and workshops organized or co-sponsored by IMHA.
  • Opportunity to participate and propose the topics in one of the many IMHA workshops or workgroups on various topics in maritime health with specific national and international goals.

If you are an IMHA member and you would like to share your research, articles, findings, didactical material etc with other IMHA members: please send it to the IMHA webmaster at the IMHA office: [email protected]

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who can join imha?

Individual membership is open to any person professionally involved in maritime healthcare, and to those who have expressed an interest in and whose aim is to promote health and safety at sea and who wish to apply IMHA™s principles in the pursuit of this aim.

Active members are people who dedicate an important part of their activities to maritime healthcare.

Corporate membership is for international organizations, administrative authorities, shipping organizations, professional bodies and private associations with interests in maritime healthcare. Their IMHA membership will enable them to promote health and safety at sea.

Corporate members do not have a right to vote at the General Assembly. Corporate members may form an advisory committee to improve communications between their corporations and the IMHA Board.

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