About Us


As an IMHA member, you will be able to share in the following benefits:

Opportunity to communicate with colleagues about maritime medicine issues and benefit from  IMHA’s association with international institutions such as the International Maritime Organisation, International Labour Organisation, World Health Organisation,  International Transport workers Federation and International Chamber of Shipping. 

Discounted registration fees for the biennial International Symposium on Maritime Health (ISMH).

Participation in major international projects.

Regular updates on important news in maritime health competencies: international laws and regulations, international projects, continuing education, prevention and occupational health, medical fitness examinations, medical care on board, telemedicine, harbour, travel, underwater, cruise, naval medicine and outbreak information.

Access to IMHA publications, workshop reports, research and other IMHA-instigated maritime health-related materials.

Attendance to symposia, seminars and workshops organized or co-sponsored by IMHA.

Opportunity to participate and propose the topics in one of the many IMHA workshops or workgroups on various topics in maritime health with specific national and international goals.

Know it, Share it.


  • As a Non-Governmental Organisation we will work in solidarity and advocate for seafarers’ health
  • As a partner organisation we will work together with international and industrial organisations towards better harmonized maritime medical systems
  • As a scientific organisation we will support research and share information on an international level to improve maritime medicine
  • As a professional organisation we will offer our members possibilities to gain more expertise in all aspects of maritime medicine


  • Bring equity in maritime healthcare for all seafarers
  • Harmonize  maritime medical standards and regulations
  • Improve the practice of maritime medicine both on shore and on board
  • Support maritime medical professionals


  • to encourage scientific research in maritime healthcare;
  • to promote the exchange of scientific data and results of research projects;
  • to provide special and specific knowledge on how to prepare reports and directives in relation to maritime healthcare;
  • to promote the development of high quality international maritime medical health care and systems;
  • to provide assistance in the international coordination of initiatives in relation to maritime  health care;
  • to promote and facilitate education and training in maritime health care,
  • to cooperate with international organizations, governments, shipping companies and professional bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Transport workers Federation, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and many others.