Our Objectives

Acting as a source of information for other organizations, governments, shipping companies and professional bodies, IMHA aims to:

  • Work for improvement in health and medical follow-up of all employees in the maritime industry.
  • Encourage scientific research in maritime health.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and results from research projects.
  • Assist by providing maritime medical expertise for the preparation of reports and guidelines in the maritime field.
  • Promote the development of quality international medical services and systems in maritime sector.
  • Assist with the international coordination of maritime health initiatives.
  • Encourage and facilitate education and training on maritime health
  • Know it, Share it!

imha's policy

  • To further its goals and objectives, IMHA has adopted the following as its policy:
  • IMHA recognizes the fact that action to safeguard maritime health rests with international bodies such as the IMO, ILO, WHO and organizations representing ship owners and seafarers.
  • IMHA members help these bodies both with the development of policy and by providing the expertise to put it into practice.
  • At the national level, maritime administrations, trade unions, employers and academic and professional bodies all play a part
  • Locally, owners, masters, port health authorities and welfare organizations contribute.

imha's agenda

  • Promotion of maritime safety
  • Maintenance and promotion of seafarers' careers and welfare
  • Reducing the risks of accidents and ill health onboard or caused by maritime working conditions including the spread of infections
  • Treatment of accidents and illness at sea
  • Meeting passenger health needs