Nebojša Nikolić :  E-mail : [email protected]

Present position/s : Faculty of Medicine / Faculty of Maritime Studies,
University of Rijeka - Lecturer
Qualifications: Postgraduate training in maritime, tropical and travel medicine.
Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine :
Lecturer of Maritime Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka and
Faculty of Maritime Studies,  University of Rijeka, Croatia. 
Published more than 70 scientific papers with topics of maritime and travel medicine,
two books and chapters on maritime medicine in various international publications.
Member of the editorial boards of the International Maritime Health and Journal of Travel Medicine.
Editor of IMHA Newsletter 2005-2007.
Member of scientific committees and invited speaker at international conferences on travel and maritime medicine.
In 2005 chaired 8th International Symposium on Maritime Health in Rijeka, Croatia.
Active sport sailor and a member of The Medical Committee of The International Sailing Federation.

Vice President
Suresh Idnani: E-mail: [email protected]

Present Position/s: Regional  Coordinator, South Asia, International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare (ICSW)
Maritime and Occupational Health Physician & Nuclear Medicine Physician.
Qualifications: MBBS, DRM, AFIH, MSNM

Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine:
Founder President of Maritime Health Association – India Chapter (MHA-IC) formed under the directive of Director General Shipping, Government of India. Actively enrolled 50 maritime health medical practitioners as members. Conducted 8 General Meetings and 1 AGM in 2006. Currently striving to make the 10th ISMH a success.

Organized and conducted the IMHA Workshop on Quality Assurance in Maritime Health and the Seminar on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention in the Maritime Industry, Mumbai 2006. Speaker and presenter on Quality Assurance and Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention.
Efforts to develop Quality Assurance in Maritime Health for IMHA. Working closely with IMHA members to develop this, globally.
Regional Co-ordinator for South Asia, International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare (ICSW). The Seafarers’ Welfare Programme, Seafarers’ Health Information Programme (SHIP), International Seafarers’ Assistance Network (ISAN), International Sports for Seafarers (ISS).
Visiting Tutor and External Assessor in Maritime Health to the University of Tarragona, Spain.
Author to Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and National Sea Training Centre, conducting diploma in crew agency. Module 9 – Seafarers’ Welfare (11 chapters)
Certified Ship Visitor from the Nautical Institute, United Kingdom.
Workshop Leader – Lloyds Conference in Manila, Nov 2006. Quality Assurance in Maritime Health and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Workshop in Odessa, 2006 - Speaker on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Panama Workshop, Nov 2006 – Speaker and Co-chair, Social Security in Maritime Health


Sally Bell: E-mail: [email protected]

Dr Sally Bell has been working as a self employed Consultant in Quality and Maritime Health since 2001.  

She spent over 13 years as Senior Ship’s Doctor on board cruise ships, during which time she was seconded ashore as Fleet Medical Officer, performing pre employment medical examinations.  She came to sea from general practice, following 5 years in hospital medicine, having qualified from the University of London in 1982.

She is an external consultant for shipping companies in both the cruising and cargo sector, advising on pre-employment medical examinations, the quality of health care on board, policies and procedures and other quality assurance issues.  She has been working with the UK P & I Club since 2004, developing and implementing an international audit project based on a set of best practice standards.

She has been trained by the Health Quality Service in London to audit to their comprehensive health care standards and has audited hospitals and clinics in the UK and Europe.  She is an active member of the International Maritime Health Association, and is working with them to develop a quality assurance accreditation scheme for seafarers’ clinics.

Last year she gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Medicine with the University of Tarragona, Spain, which she hopes to extend into a Masters soon. 

Board Member
Bas Rikken : E-mail:
[email protected]

Present position/s : IMHA’ Secretary, Dutch Med. Nautical Association’ Secretary
Qualifications :  Medical Management, Medical Organising, Telemedicine, International Medical Guide for Ships
Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine :
From 1994-2004 I worked for the Dutch Radio Medical Service.
I have been in the IMHA board now since 2003.
I have put effort in the  third version of the International Medical Guide for Ships and in running the Antwerp office as secretary.
The big challenge now is to modify IMHA to make it ready for a prosperous future !!
I want to put my shoulder under that big challenge in my last period as board member.
Next to my international activities, I’m also on the board of the Dutch Medical Nautical Association.
In my daily work now, I’m director of a large peripheral hospital in the Netherlands.
Hobbies: Sailing, mountain-biking, and Glass art 

Board Member
Andra Ergle: E-mail : [email protected]

Present position/s : Director of Forvaters Ltd
Qualifications: Occupational physician
Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine :
Occupational physician since 1999
IMHA member since 2000
ISMH 6, 7, 8 participant
Organizer of IMHA workshop in Riga – Latvia :  “Working at Sea and Psycho-social Health Problems”
NIVA course of 1st Maritime Health – Naantali 2006
Participation in IMHA Seminar/Workshop – Mumbai 2006
Participation in Seminar/workshop ‘Social Security Aspects in Maritime Health’

Board Member  
Ilona Denisenko: E-mail: [email protected]

Present position: Physician – Regional Medical Officer German Embassy Moscow
Qualifications:  General Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Travel Medicine
Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine :
IMHA member since 1997
Physician of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate Moscow
Physician of the British Cost and Gard Agency
IMHA Ambassador in Russia

Board Member
Michael Lund Nielsen: E-mail : [email protected]

Present position/s : Instructing nurse, Case officer
Qualifications: Reg. Nurse
Experiences and Activities in Maritime Medicine :
Working in Maritime Health for 12 years in the Danish Maritime Authority
Working with education and training of seafarers in medical care on board
Case officer in the Danish Maritime Authority
Working with legislation and developing the Maritime Health Service for seafarers and the Telemedicine
IMHA board member